SSCXEC2018 information

Let us give you a summary of what’s happening so far:

Everyone is welcome to gather in Koksijde on friday march 2nd 2018. We’ll set up camp in a local bar for registration, a chat and a beer. Everyone is welcome to come and go as they please.

The event location will open on saturday march 3rd (early in the morning). We chose to host SSCXEC on a small private dune where we can do what we want. There will be beer & food stands, there is a roof for shelter, there are toilets,… Showers are available in centre of town (within cycling/walking distance).

There will be qualifiers and plenty of time to ride, chat and drink during the day. Towards 4’ish o’clock there will be a “Fuck Racing, Ride Harder” semi final for the serious fucks. Followed by a silly Single Speed decider final to get your hands on the one and only European Championship jersey – proudly sponsored by Belgium’s very own BioRacer.


We are still checking options for an after party.

So, we will not ride the ‘official’ UCI loop? No, environmental permits did not allow us to ride the entire loop! We ended up choosing a different pile of sand in the same area. In the end Koksijde sand = Koksijde sand and this pile of sand’s possibilities seemed much more interesting to host this cosy SS event.

On sunday march 4th there will be a GPX based group ride, during this ride you’ll have a chance to ride some really fun and technical sections. Distance will be 40-50’ish km. You’ll pass parts of the UCI loop today. And you’ll also conclude that the more fun parts you’ll be riding are not the ones you’ve seen on TV.

There will likely be about 150 places available for riders.
Wives, husbands, kids, family,… are welcome in unlimited numbers to cheer and make it a great day!

Where to stay: The “race” location is in “Koksijde” centre. “Koksijde” is about 3km landwards from “Koksijde-Bad”.

The rules: Hey, it’s Single Speed, Fuck the rules!
On the other hand we’d like to quote Andy from MTB SSEC2017 Evanton: “My event, my rules!”.
In other words: all bikes welcome, but if you are one of them rare fucks that gives a shit about winning that jersey: do make sure your bike has <33mm tires and a dropbar; it’s CycloCross after all!
If we spot derailleurs: we will throw your bike in the sea!
If we spot rollers: we will burn them on the spot!
But as we said: everyone and all bikes welcome to ride and have fun!

More info about registration can be found here.

Cheers and hope to see you in Koksijde!
Team Les FlamandSS
Kenny, John, Dirk, Tim, Sven, Bram & Dave.

We like to thank our sponsors, we are overwhelmed by the amount of support! Following brands confirmed to donate goodies and/or help to make SSCXEC2018 a true epic Flanders Cross party!
Fietsen SteilVeloheldthe Bottle shopJustPedal –  SteershopDeco ArtTelenetBioRacerRoose’s chocolate worldGeneral storesBrugse ZotGemeente KoksijdeLezyneDT SwissFlamme Rouge8 BarBombtrack Bicycle Company

More info over at the LesFlamandSS and SSCXEC FB groups.




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